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Founded by Josefine Whitehead (Josi)

Looking for a new saddle or just need an existing saddle fitted?
Saddle Josi has the perfect solution for you and your horse.

For all disciplines: from beginners to Olympic riders, it doesn’t matter the level or style of riding, Saddle Josi will always help.

  • Riders and Saddles are the problem for the horse not the solution
  • To make a perfect fit we try to make the rider as small and light on the horses back as we can (example: good saddle balance, saddle to be as short as possible)
  • It can be a challenge understanding what your horse is "saying” about their saddle fit, but Saddle Josi can help you with this
  • If you want to enjoy the best riding with your horse, you have come to the right place!

If the horse is happy – the rider is too!


Based in Northland, just over an hour North of Auckland. Josi will travel all over the country for saddle fitting trips a few times a year.
Saddle Josi has a wide range of Prestige saddles available for testing at the saddle fitting appointments.
Saddles fitting is as unique as the horses and riders we work with.

Testrides + Rebalance + Refit

Prestige Saddles

Josi mostly works with Prestige Saddles, but is more than happy to offer advice and re-fitting for all kinds of other brand saddles too.

Changes to your Horse

Horses do change shape, some more than others – a change of owner, stable, work or diet can trigger quite distinct alterations to a horse’s condition.

Refit Schedule

Josi recommends the fit of a saddle should be checked twice a year. She understands the need to ensure that a saddle fits the horse and rider correctly.

Saddle fitting assessments are $150 – $200 (depending on distance).

Saddle Josi also has a Prestige Tree changing machine
and can change any Prestige saddle for $150.

Saddle Josi Services



Prestige Italy is the worldwide leader, renowned for its acclaimed saddles which are used by the top champions of show jumping, dressage and equine events.

A team of planners and designers create refined Italian-style products with maximum functionality for horse and rider.

Prestige Italy is a company which has the greatest attention to detail and only select the highest quality when it comes to materials and accessories.


Josi is a german "Bereiter” and has been around horses her whole life. She studied for a Diploma at the Celle State Stud in Lower Saxony in Horse Management, Majoring in Horse Breeding, Husbandry and Horse Feeds.

She has experience training young stallions and has trained with Isabell Werth for a few years back in Germany. Isabell Werth is a German equestrian, and world champion in dressage who competed in the Olympics five times winning ten medals; six of them gold. Isabell also holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by any equestrian athlete.

Josi believes that to make the correct saddle fitting, you need a complete knowledge and understanding of the horses anatomy and motion of movement. A poorly fitted saddle can cause riding problems, unwanted behavior or lameness.

Experience and knowledge is used to determine the difference between the problem coming from the saddle, or if expert veterinary care is needed.

Josi trained and worked with Carsten Engelke (a well known saddle fitter). Carsten is the manager of Development and Research for the popular saddle company Prestige Italy. He also works for training courses at Prestige.

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